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The Appalachian cabin of yore was a 16 x 20 foot windowless room decorated with a fireplace at one end, a crudely fashioned table, nail less chairs or puncheon stools, home made candles for light, a spinning wheel for making thread, and maybe a quilting frame, some pottery, and some baskets for gathering vegetables in the garden. A bed frame, "stitched" with taut rope that held a mattress of straw, was a "modern day" convenience that gave us the saying "Sleep tight, and don't let the bed bugs bite." (Probably a bigger summer problem than winter.) Today's cozy homes and cabins are made that more decorative with hand-crafted furniture and accessories from the past. Of course we've put our own finishing touches to yesteryear's improvisations.

Troutflies Folk Art Prints
Trout Flies Folk Art Prints
Primitive Dolls Folk Art Prints
Primitive Dolls Folk Art Prints
Chain Saw Bears Engraved Keepsake Box
Chainsaw Bears Keepsake Boxes
Wooden Kitchen Utensils Bedside Step Stools
Kitchen Utensils Furniture

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