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Cast Iron Cookware, Country Ham,
Folk Art & Crafts of the Smoky Mountains

Here at the Appalachian Traveller's worldwide web site you'll find a few tall tales, a wealth of information on mountain life, and an opportunity to acquire a genuine piece of American Folk Art. So, sit back, kick your shoes off, and "surf a spell" . . . Made in America

Folk Art & Crafts

Enjoy Appalachian Traveller's collection of American Folk Art, hand crafted Bird Houses and Feeders, and Folk Art & Crafts. We feature handcrafted Step Stools and bedside Keepsake Boxes and other woodcrafts by gifted Appalachian artisans from the Smoky and Blue Ridge Mountains. Visit our Bluebird site for information on attracting bluebirds to your backyard or to purchase our deluxe bluebird house featured in Southern Living magazine. Our Bird Houses and Feederssection also features one of a kinds like our brown bat house, wren house, personalized birdfeeder plus our patented chipmunk feeder.

The Smoky Mountains play host to over 500 black bear, a few in the Park and the rest roaming the foothills around the orchards and campgrounds surrounding the reserve. It's not uncommon to see a bear around here, but if you do, keep your distance - what may appear as a cuddly fur ball, is actually 200-300 lbs. of wild animal, packing sharp teeth and claws. Woodworkers carve Chainsaw Bears of black bears freehand from memory out of a solid trunk of tree. Each artist has his or her technique, identifiable to those who collect them.

Here's a few more of the featured arts and crafts. . .

Bird Houses & Feeders Chainsaw Bears Folk Art Keepsake Box Stools, Shelves, and Benches
Folk Art
& Crafts

Lodge Cast Iron Cookware

Lodge Cast Iron Cookware

Within the Appalachian Traveller site you will also find information on Appalachian Cast Iron Cookware, homemaking, farming, and folk lore. Indispensible to the country cook is the cast iron skillet. Seasoned over time, many handed down from one generation to another, cast iron cookware has been this country's favorite cookware for over one hundred years. We've been trading Lodge cast iron cookware online since 1998, offering cast iron skillets, Dutch ovens, chicken and fish fryers, and grills and griddles now pre-seasoned for your immediate enjoyment. Muddler Pestle Cooking Accessories

Cooking Accessories & Barware

Now we offer Kitchen & BBQ Accessories hand made in the southern Appalachian Mountains.

See our hadcrafted wooden spatulas, specialized knives, cheese slicers, wooden cutting boards, coffee scoops, and an extra long ice tea stirrer. Hand made from the finest Tennessee hardwoods - Cherry, Oak, and Walnut.

Chef's aprons, oven mitts, pot holders, and hot handle holders, designed in the USA and even sewn here too! Top of the line, our kitchen or BBQ cooking textiles are made to last and rated to over 450 degrees!

We've made some additions to our site, including an extra affordable wine rack and caddy, plus some new and exciting Barware to go with it.

Clifty Farms Country Ham

Salt Cured Country Ham

Cooking Country Ham, cornbread, or fried green tomatoes with Cast Iron Cookware couldn't be easier. We offer whole and sliced country cured hams from smokehouses throughout the "ham" belt.

Recipes, and Cookbooks

Visit our Recipes page for some time honored country or southern favorites, plus a fantastic ol' timey cookbook offer!
Matha White Flour and Cornmeal

Smoky Mountains National Park

Smoky Mountains Travel Guide

Within the Appalachian Traveller site you will also find information on the Smoky Mountains State and National Parks, Museums and Exhibits of Appalachian history, and Points of Interest, including favorite destinations of tourists in six southern states.

Please visit our How To section for pioneer living tips and techniques and our Glossary to southern Appalachian Mountains names and places.

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